Thursday, September 24, 2015

Casual Day at White Rock

Honestly, I am currently experiencing the awkward wardrobe crisis of that pre-fall-weather-outfit-yet holding-on-to-end-of-summer kind of vibe.
It's chilly enough to wear a lightweight sweater with a denim jacket draped over shoulders(I NEVER do the fashion blogger jacket draped over shoulder thing, just let me have it this time), yet I'm still not ready to give up on those lace up open-toe sandals.

For a while I've been pretty good with decluttering my "everyday essentials" from bringing my entire makeup collection with me everywhere I go, a full size hair get the picture- to iPhone, a lipstick, a compact powder, and my card holder(yes I've downsized from my gigantic Balenciaga zippy wallet to a Chanel card holder). However, for those days which I'm feeling casual, like "I don't want to be bothered so don't bother me" mood, I go back to my trusty Chanel lambskin tote, where I could just..casually throw everything in.
I have been to White Rock countless times, yet this was my first time actually walking down to near the water! We found a perfect piece of log for me to sit on and gaze into the ocean and ponder the meaning of life...kidding. Well, it was very relaxing and theraputic to sit down and stare at the greyish water and listen to the waves for five minutes :)

By J


  1. Simply amazing =). Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  2. Love this outfit, btw the starry night background you had is amazing.

    Sun In A Golden Cup | by Thao Dominic

  3. I totally love your style, you can mix and match everything.
    Alice Cerea,

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