Friday, May 29, 2015

Urban Gypsy

Living in a city like Vancouver calls for an acknowledgement that the weather can be temperamental. A great hat and scarf, to me, are necessities in one's wardrobe. A hat is also my weapon of choice when it comes to covering the fact that I had the "2nd day hair" as well as grown out roots. Or rather, just throw it on with any outfit and it instantly-- I mean instantly make the whole look extra stylish!

I have issues. One of them is that I LOVE and have the need to put some of my favourite things into one look. I am still digging this Athena Procopiou fringed scarf that I got last summer. I am no expert in wearing a scarf 84234890 different ways but I can ace it in those two ways as shown below. This scarf not only, in my opinion, tie the whole look along with the hat, it also makes a simple, neutral outfit a lot more interesting.

Trusty Balenciaga part-time bag with GSH. My love est. 2009.
hat - Janessa Leone ; scarf - Athena Procopiou(similar here) ; top - Noul(similar here) ; jeans- The Castings ; shoes - Alexander Wang(similar here) ; bagBalenciaga

Have a great weekend!
by J

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